Guided By The Bogota Principles

Launched in Bogotá, Colombia in 2017, the Bogotá Principles adopt high-standard international ethical business practices for all stakeholders in the Western Hemisphere that operate within or interact with the medical technology sector. This includes industry collaboration with healthcare professionals, ethical third party intermediary relationships, and the role of governments as positive enablers in fostering high-standard ethics in the health system. The Coalition’s mission is to realize full implementation of the Bogotá Principles across the Americas.

The Bogota Principles

Harmonizing Best Practices across the Region’s Leading Industry Bodies

The Coalition has unified the Americas’ 17 largest industry bodies for the medical technology sector, enabling them to pursue and implement aligned codes of ethics. Based in 10 countries, these bodies serve over 3,000 member companies who develop, manufacture, distribute, or support the utilization of medical technology. These companies operate across every country in the hemisphere and serve as the overwhelming majority of enterprises operating in the sector.


Resources for Distributors / Third Parties
and Small Companies

The Bogota Principles contain best practices for every stakeholder that interfaces with the medical technology sector. This includes distributors and other third party intermediaries as well as the organizations engaging their services. See below for comprehensive resource portal to help everyone achieve the highest ethical standards.